CORP. is a specialist in corporate law disputes. Our litigation team offers specialized advise in shareholder disputes and conflicts between shareholders and the board of directors about governance and the conduct of the company. With pragmatic solutions and advice aimed at preventing legal proceedings when possible. In court when needed.

Concise and to the point

Our style is direct, to the point and honest. We like to conduct the discussion on content and know what judges do and do not want to hear. We are patient and persistent in long-term legal proceedings. In case of urgency, we strike immediately and effectively. We always look for possibilities and think in terms of solutions. Once we have determined the strategy, we go for it.

We litigate a lot and well, but we always look for possibilities to prevent an escalation of conflicts. We keep an open mind to the interests of all parties involved. We always pull out all the stops to achieve the best possible result for our clients.


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Olav Heuts

Adriaan van Rinsum

Track record

Our lawyers are experienced specialists with a proven track record in corporate advisory practice. View our cases here.

Special focus

Shareholders and Governance Disputes

CORP. has a long track record in the field of shareholder disputes and conflicts within the legal entity. We represent clients in inquiry proceedings at the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeals, corporate disputes at civil courts and in arbitrations, both in proceedings on the merits and in summary proceedings. Every day we deal with conflicts about governance and decision-making within the legal entity, necessity financing, the position of minority shareholders, dismissal of directors and mismanagement.

Examples of cases:

  • inquiry proceedings at the Enterprise Chamber regarding mismanagement, deadlocks and other corporate disputes;
  • litigation procedures: forced transfer of shares and buy-out of minority shareholders;
  • unwinding of commercial partnerships;
  • enforcing of decision-making in the event of deadlocks in the shareholders' meeting (rescue financing, issuance of shares);
  • summary proceedings to enforce or prevent decision-making within the legal entity;
  • challenge and nullification of corporate resolutions.

M&A disputes

We represent our clients in litigation in mergers and acquisitions disputes:

  • claims under guarantees and indemnities in the context of takeover transactions;
  • disputes about other rights and obligations in the context of acquisition transactions, such as earn-out arrangements and non-competes;
  • disputes about broken negotiations.

Directors' liability

We assist directors of legal entities in liability claims:

  • defense for directors and supervisory directors against claims by the legal entity due to improper management;
  • defense for directors and supervisory directors against claims from bankruptcy trustees or creditors;
  • claims of companies against (former) directors;
  • claw back claims (wrongful withdrawals, self-enrichment, conflict of interests).

Unwinding of partnerships

We advise companies, shareholders and directors in the unbundling of partnerships:

  • exit and forced buyout of shareholders;
  • disputes about the termination of commercial and professional partnerships.

Corporate law advice

We advise companies in corporate conflicts in the broadest sense of the word:

  • advice on governance, decision-making, conflict of interest;
  • advice on conflicts and strategy;
  • advice on insolvency issues, creditor agreements, collective repayment plans and restructuring.