Working at CORP.

CORP. is a no-nonsense niche law firm located on De Lairessestraat in Amsterdam. CORP. was founded in 2006 by four ambitious lawyers who wanted to serve clients in a fundamentally different way than the large firms: pragmatic, personal and direct. So many years later, these are still the characteristics that characterize CORP.

Our lawyers are straight to the point and when you sit down with us, you can always count on our full attention. This applies not only to our clients, but also to our lawyer employees, who have been involved in the practice of our partners from day one.

We like people who, like us, know what they want and encourage initiative and entrepreneurship. As a lawyer-employee you receive all the support in building your own practice and you quickly have independent contact with clients. Our specialized lawyers have worked at various large international law firms and are happy to transfer their knowledge and experience to promising new colleagues.

CORP. combines a healthy work-life balance with entrepreneurship and great commitment to our clients. We have an informal and open working atmosphere. We guarantee good training and excellent coaching and education of our employees.

Are you an ambitious go-getter who wants to set the tone in corporate practice together with us? An enterprising and pragmatic professional who doesn't beat around the bush but, just like us, says what it means? Great, let's get straight to the point. Contact Paul van den Belt.